Business Review – Fresher and Livelier Wines

Wine has dominated the business for such a long time that many wine producers have begun to pull back from the higher alcohol styles. This decision however could have a positive effect on the business.  This change has come about as many American wine drinkers have preferred to bottling wines with less alcohol and more liveliness. In the process they are hitting two birds with one stone. They are not tipping the scales with boozy juice but at the same time boasting that their wines have a greater sense of restraint and balance.

wineheaderMarket of Wines: The bigger wines still have a huge and healthy market. There are still plenty of producers in the business of wines that are happy to produce the bolder bottles of wine but there are still many who produce the leaner type of wines. These wines are made with grapes and in new casks of oak that make the wines less flashy and more food friendly. These wines can benefit wine maker in terms of money as they allow the grapes to hang longer even up to the autumn season on the wines so as to produce more sugar. However one bad storm and the risk taken could lead to a catastrophe.


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Change in the market: The American market was changing and that was inevitable. The reason was simple. As high octane wines 1winegot high ratings in the all important wine reviewing publications they could also hike the prices of their wines. However it was not necessary that these wines were the best to pair up with food and drinks. It was also seen that the producers of moderate making alcohol wines still had to get past the public who decide the market. People normally see an alcohol content of thirteen per cent but may lack the complexity or richness of character. Wines are then tasted about their aromatic power, intensity of spice and depth of mouth feel. The trick is to convince the consumers who have always associated high alcohol wines with higher quality wines. Geography also plays a major role in the ultimate style of wines as grapes on ridge top locations allow them to avoid the rains. Adding to that is the low sugar at harvest and the wines want to be lower in alcohol.

rose-headerBright style of wines: Wine makers stress that the bright style of wine is the result of picking and making earlier in addition to the cooler climates of the Pacific North west. It was found that brighter and crispier wines were more elegant and complex than the show off wines Thus a bottle of red wine is preferred even on the hottest day. The wines made from rose petals, cranberry and tart cherry are vibrant and silky. Wines with peach, licorice and flowers are bright and gulp able. Wines made from apricot skin, mandarin orange were taut and delicious. Wines made from honey dew, apple, peach and almond were great wines with light summertime food.

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